Providing free cannabis seeds to The Old Dominion.

If you would like to receive free cannabis seeds and information, please browse this site for current and future events. Our goal is to put seeds into the hands of every Virginian who will take them

Paths of Green

Paths of Green is a nonprofit organization that exists to promote cannabis education, responsible use, and get rid of stigma. Through these free seed giveaways we hope to inspire the masses to look deeper into this complex plant, and move past culture stigmas and stereotypes this still exist in some communities. We believe that cannabis can improve the quality of life for everyone, psychoactive or not.

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Offering free seeds and cannabis products to our veterans in partnership with Pink House Charities, to which all proceeds go to


Hemp Mellow products are formulated to provide a stress-relieving healthy alternative by optimizing the full spectrum entourage experience with the highest legal levels of ∆-9-THC plus CBD, CBC and CBG.


 Our approach is based on a poly culture system using permanent beds with a biodiversity throughout the whole crop to bring in all forms of life to create a beneficial ecosystem. We have our vegetable garden inner planted with our hemp. We don’t use plastic mulches, instead we use heavy natural mulches that rebuild and replenish the soil; preserving microbial life.


Humboldt Seed Company is on a mission to provide high-quality cannabis seeds to customers who want to grow their own cannabis plants.


Mt. Zion Seeds produces award-winning cannabis seeds and strains and sells them in bulk and individually across the United States.  We are a seed cooperative run jointly by its members who share the profits and benefits.